1. More Hemp-Power for your pets

    For the health of your four-legged friends

    Did you know that our pet line VETRIHEMP has many fans?
    The advantage of our organic CBD mouth care oils for dogs, cats & horses is clear.
    For stress, lack of appetite and signs of aging, such as osteoarthritis, CBD can help improve the quality of life of our pets.

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  2. Hemp = Wellness

    The positive effects of the hemp plant have been known since time immemorial. Hemp not only has a positive effect on mood, but is also known for its lasting effect on the body.

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  3. Recipe: Carrot cake with Hatcha®-Creme

    Looking for a tasty recipe for Easter?

    We have just the thing for you. Our carrot cake with Hatcha®Creme.

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  4. Smashed Potatoes with Hemp-Chimichurri

    You can get the perfect smashed potatoes with this recipe from the oven. Because they come with a delicious hemp chimichurri on your plate!


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  5. Crispy baked broccoli with MEDIHEMP organic hemp nuts

    Broccoli is boring? Not with us! With this recipe, you can make a delicious dish out of a vegetable that often doesn't inspire a storm of enthusiasm. Not only is tube-baked broccoli super crunchy and healthy, but it will soon be a weekly staple on your menu. As a vegetable side dish for Sunday dinner, it's incredibly good, and even as a tasty solo performer on your plate, crispy tube-baked broccoli will make your taste buds dance.

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  6. Chocolate Hemp Protein Smoothie Bowl

    gluten free / low carb / healthy breakfast


    There's nothing that gets us up faster in the morning than the thought of a super creamy smoothie bowl on the breakfast table. Especially when packed with the natural sweetness of bananas, the crunch of peanuts and the chocolatiest hemp protein around, namely MEDIHEMP Organic Hemp Protein in the cocoa variety.



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    A protein rich hemp snack.

    These treats are a superfood powerhouse full of antioxidants, berry organic plant protein from hemp nuts and dark chocolate. Perfect for breakfast, snacking in between meals or as a handy to-go snack for outings.

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  8. Goodbye springtime fatigue

    Do you know that feeling of being tired and exhausted and not managing to do anything?

    We know it too, many of us feel tired in spring & sleepy all the time.

    For many, the change of seasons from winter to spring is not an easy thing, they experience exhaustion, dizziness and headaches. If you're one of those "weather sensitive" people, here are a few suggestions to wake your body up from hibernation.

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  9. Deep Nature Project. That`s us!

    We at Deep Nature Project take our responsibility towards nature, ourselves, and others very seriously. We are convinced that people can regain more health, awareness, and inner strength when in harmony with nature and thus more quality of life. That is why we produce natural certified organic food supplements, cosmetics, animal feed and hemp foods. We work with high quality raw materials from hemp, algae and organic herbs, which are not only beneficial for people, but also help them to stay healthy and active. Due to our extensive knowledge, high quality of products and close cooperation with research, we are one of the most popular manufacturers of organic CBD und organic CBG as well as high-quality organic hemp food.

    Succesful on..

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  10. Organic Hemp mouth sprays

    With our new organic CBD & CBG sprays you are well prepared for the everyday stress. Our mouth sprays were developed for all those who want to have CBD or CBG combined with natural flavours such as lemongrass-ginger or peppermint.

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